Fashioned From a Firm Foundation 

The Best Life movement did not happen by accident. It was born, nurtured and shaped over a long period of time. For almost 100 years our founding organization, The British Home, created Best Life opportunities of various kinds for older adults.

What have we learned in the course of a century? And how will it shape our future?

We have learned that American society is dynamic, and that it continuously changes in ways that are irreversible and often dramatic. Almost everything that was known to be “true” about aging in our society 100, or 50, or even 10 years ago is now...different. So we look to a future full of possibilities with our eyes wide open.

Over these many years we have also learned we need anchors and true believers. Cantata draws upon the strength of a century of commitment from a group of women who anchor and believe in our work, the Daughters of the British Empire (DBE).

The DBE is a national philanthropic organization of women dedicated to improving the lives of older adults. They identify Cantata as their “cause”, actively promoting our Best Life vision, raising funds to aid our work, and helping us shape the future by expanding the number of people we can touch and inspire with our Best Life message.

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