Approaching Aging
With Innovation

At Cantata Best Life Foundation, we envision a world where people of all ages can lead lives of meaning and fulfillment. We’re working to make this dream a reality first by coaxing thought, then by driving action.

Toward that end, the Foundation:

  • Provides public forums to challenge old thinking
  • Hosts Jam Sessions, then documents and shares the findings both with our Foundation community and with the public generally
  • Reaches out to community leaders, philanthropists, neighbors, and others to find creative new approaches to aging
  • Incubates practical advancements designed to help older adults stay engaged and connected, identifying sustainable and replicable ideas and piloting the best of them (and measuring the social impact of these critical initiatives)
  • Acts as a resource for older adults seeking job training and placement, and as a generator of micro-businesses that benefit people of all ages
  • Inspires original thinking and drives meaningful change

In other words, the Foundation serves as a clearinghouse, think tank, laboratory, catalyst, rehearsal space and facilitator for the tsunami of new thinking and innovation that is washing over our society.

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