Jam Session Notes & Results

What's a Jam Session? It's a combination workshop / focus group / party where we identify innovative ways to energize our communities. We bring together bright minds from across the generations to stimulate meaningful dialogue that drives new thinking and steps for sustainable change.




March 2015

Our March 2015 Jam Session reinforced our commitment to an inclusionary, holistic approach to community if we are to create Best Life for all.

Jam Session Results

Jam Session Results



October 2014

On October 29, 2014 fifteen community and business leaders gathered in Brookfield to explore economic innovations that can create age-friendly communities. The group zeroed in on cross-generational opportunities that include new employment models and volunteerism.

And 46% of the participants, ranging between the ages of 24 and 72, indicated a moderate to significant increase in their optimism about growing older as a result of this Jam Session.

Some of their take-aways?

Reminds me of how our social structures have to change to deal with an aging population. Thank you!
Jammer, Age 50

A great group. We need to get more partners together.
Jammer, Age 38

Focus on the possibilities. Not what is lost.
Jammer, Age 56

I need to pay better attention to my health. Have a plan. New interests? Change careers? Volunteer?
Jammer, Age 59

I need to stay more aware of continuing education; esp. business training; be more conscious about staying involved in my community & knowing my neighbors.
Jammer, Age 50

Take more risks.
Jammer, Age 24

Looking forward to keep going forward - retirement doesn't have to mean an end.
Jammer, Age 50

Be involved in the community...keep thoughts building.
Jammer, Age 72


Next Steps for the Brookfield Jam Session:
As a result of the Jam Session, a small committee of community leaders emerged. This group has committed to re-convening in early 2015. Its goal: To identify and plan a multigenerational community project(s) that will focus primarily on education/job training, self-employment, and volunteerism.


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Jam Session Results


June 2014


On June 3, 2014 the Cantata Best Life Foundation launched our first of many national Jam Sessions with a group of professionals in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Take note of the question we posed our Jammers after we asked them to imagine themselves 20 years older. The results of that workshop can be found in the Jam Session illustration.

Some of their take-aways?

Attitude is everything!
Jammer, Age 30

Preventive healthcare is huge, and it starts NOW for me.
Jammer, Age 35

I never saw myself as a role model!
Jammer, Age 86

I’ll be more forward-looking regarding my life, and more understanding of the concerns of others as they age.
Jammer, Age 22

I’ll consider my role models. I’ll wonder about what I can do NOW to make a difference with my aging. How can I impact the systems in addition to what I can do as an individual?
Jammer, Age 34

My level of concern about aging hasn’t changed, but new areas of focus have emerged.
Jammer, Age 43


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Jam Session Results

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