Advice for the Entrepreneur Within You

For years Julie Holloway worked in corporate America and felt like a fish out of water. About five years ago she left that world and successfully launched her own freelance design business. She offers the following advice to others who want to build their own business or take on other new life adventures....

Dare to Dream

  • Listen to yourself. You know what I mean – listen to that voice that’s telling you what you really want to be when you grow up. Give yourself the chance to try it, and see what happens. When I quit art school as a teenager, I also quit my dream. I “settled” for far too long before I took that dream back, but I’m happy to be living it now!
  • Delegate. I dislike the term “solopreneur.” There is no such thing. Successful entrepreneurs need to push some things off their plate, whether at work or at home (or more likely, both). In my case, that means having my hubby handle the bills for home and for business; I can’t be trusted to get to them on time! I’m also working with a virtual assistant for the first time to keep track of documents and contracts.
  • Embrace collaboration. This is especially true if the nature of your work is fairly solitary (e.g., writers and artists). Find ways to connect with other warm souls through side projects, volunteer programs, family outings, or whatever you enjoy most. When we’re feeling overwhelmed with work this can be especially difficult – but it’s also smile!


Julie Holloway is head of JMH Art and Design Studio. She is also the editor of The Entrepreneur Within, now in its third volume.



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